Breaking the chains of Toxic relationships

Our world is a mixture of good and evil. It is through the wisdom from God we get to understand and seperate good from evil. When Holy Spirit comes in we choose to hold on to good and let go evil in our lives.

The amount of evil or toxicity in our lives seems to be overwhelming as we draw closer to God in our understanding. But when our focus is God and the good, the influence of the evil dont seem to be a matter of concern anymore, because we are excited finding more and more good things surrounding in our lives and building the wall of protection around us.

The toxicity of evil in our boby, mind and soul brings in sin, weakness, sickness and death. But the Holy Spirit delivers us from the chains of the evil one. We submit and surrender ourselves to the Grace of the Lord so He can deliver us from the toxic relationship with the evil one.

We see the refection of the evil one in every aspect of our day to day life. Our food, our sleep, our relationships, our health, our words, our deeds and our actions. But through Faith and submission to the Holy Spirit, our Lord Jesus Christ, through His blood on the Cross, removed every reflection of evil in our lives and filled it with His goodness.

The understanding and acknowledging of the fact the Jesus Christ broke the chain of every toxic relationship with the evil one in our lives is the most Joyful and Victorious reality and testimony in our lives.

We have to confess and repent of the toxic relationships in our lives and open our hearts to the Holy Spirit to invade deep inside us and deliver us from the evil one by breaking the chains of bondage to sin.

We also Pray to our Father, our Lord Jesus Christ that He will send us more guidence to be in good and peaceful relationships, rather than in toxic and chaotic relationships in our lives. To have good relationships which are trustworthy and faithfilled by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ are more important and help us to spend our remaining days on the earth and to fulfill the purpose for which we are called by our Lord Jesus Christ.

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