Called to be Righteous

Looking at the lives of Adam and Eve, they were created by the Lord with the capacity and the authority to carryout the tasks granted to them and they were also given the permission by the Lord to eat from all the trees (including the tree of life) except for the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God gave them the permission to eat from the Tree of Life, and God never desired that they die, God wanted them to live eternally in the Garden. He told Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of knowledge of good and evil, as He knew that they will yield to temptations of the evil and will die. "Wages of Sin is Death" no one can change it.

In every walk of life we always put into the choice between, good and evil. Everyday, in every activity, in every decision we take we choose between good and evil. We have the knowledge of what is good and evil inside us, but because of ourweaknessstill we chose to do what is evil, which is not acceptable in the eyes of God.

Say when we are in the Church and the time for offerings, we know what is Good and what is Evil, but still sometime due to our own weaknesses we chose to be reserved in what we give. Sometimes in our work, we know what is right and wrong, but still because of our weakness, when we come under the pressure of people, we tend to do chose something that is not right. Sometimes when we go to a resturant to eat we know what is the right food and what is wrong, but still we choose to do what is not right.

When we look at the old testament, God put an end to all of these evils through the fear and punishment, but now with Jesus Christ, God put an end to this evil through the Love on the cross, He promised us that He will forgive us if we repent and turn back and accept His love, and stop doing what is evil because of our weaknesses, but to look at the Love of God and choose Good. God is not worried about our death in flesh, He is more concerned about our Spiritual being, which gets tormented in Hell and Abyss when we chose what is evil.

God is always the same, He is righteous and He always wants us to be righteous, when we say we are Children of God, we commit to chosing Good eternally. We chose not to walk in the ways of evil, if there is something that is putting us back into our evil ways, and causing us to move away from the ways of Good Lord, we need to think about it an correct it. Else, it is no Good, because the Judgement day is common to all and we cannot argue there.

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