Cheating from where did it come?

I was talking to a friend who had a neck surgery,

I asked him "What are you having for dinner?

He replied "I am cheating today with a Pizza usually we eat some grilled chicken, but today we are just having pizza."

As we continued our conversation

I asked him "How do you manage to sit all day, after the surgery, are not your shoulders hurting?"

He replied "I cheated, I got the hospital bed see how it bends and allows me sit."

After I ended my conversation the word "Cheat" stayed in my mind for a while. Few days later, I was feeling tired and so I could not wake up on time, I slept bit over my night. There was an internal conversation inside me deciding to over sleep. After a few minutes when I woke up, I was like did I just cheat? Then I was monitoring my decisions. I did not have time to have my breakfast or read my Bible so decided to skip my breakfast and postponed my Bible reading to later. My next cheat. When I came back from work, I still felt the lack of sleep, did not want to go to gym, I slept. Since I slept I did not cook my dinner, so I cooked my dinner late in the night and read my bible after.This is just one instance of how this whole cycle of cheating starts and controls our mind. I live by myself so my cheating has less impact on any one. But if I had children or Spouse, my cheating will affect them, eventually, they start screaming and asking for attention, which might lead to arguments or quarrels, to fix that it might take another round of cheating. It keeps growing there is no end to it. Sometimes it feels so hard to come out of the whole web of the weakness, tiredness, poor sleep, worry, boredom, or lack of enthusiasm. It kind of literally eats our capacity and our life.

To most of us, this is natural, there is no cheating. But to someone who is perfect, this is cheating. Ofcourse, we cannot be perfect and we all know and accept that, but the problem is many feel there is no solution to this, we just live out life with cheating and imperfections.

Interestingly, the human mind starts to cheat at a very early age. We either tell our first lie to our mom or dad or sibling or teacher or someone who is very close to us. There is no one around us who is teaching us to say the lie, it comes dynamically from our mind, when our mind is filled with some kind of fear, tiredness, laziness or need for attention. Somehow we are so detached from that lie that when someone asks why did you say that lie, we don't have an answer, we are in total loss of answer, because it was the state of mind which lead to that, which is not anymore.

In the moment, when we decide to cheat, in specific decision, we feel that we are qualified or justified to do that act of cheating. At that moment, given the pressure and the tension of our mind and situation we feel that this is the only way out, and cheating feels to the the solution and not a sin. It is humanly impossible to open our minds and reveal to us that they are cheating. It is only God who can reveal it to us.

We as His children cheated Him in so many instances, we did not trust His love and we went our ways, and fell into darkness. But when we try to come out of this vicious cycle of cheating, which leads us away from all goodness and try to seek goodness which we always wanted, we see Jesus Christ and the love of God is revealed to us. Through Him the forgiveness for our sins comes in, He gives us the strength to over come our weakness through His Spirit. The weakness of the flesh is only limited till the physical world and this life, when we are raised again during His second coming as Spiritual Beings, we will no longer be in darkness and guided to cheat, as our Souls are redeemed by the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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