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One significant commonality in the Children of God, is the hardships they endure in this life at a very early age. Most of the Children have the heart which cries to the Lord for help.God's childrenare usually the most innocent kids and vulnerable, who turn to be the potential victims. Satan tries to attack them and take them away from the hands of the Lord at a very early age. But though they go through the struggles and come back to the Lord, with the heart crying out to the Lord. And He provides the comfort and peace in His mighty arms.

One of my friends conduct VBS (Vacation Bible School) in India, and usually there are many kids who come from families below poverty line and they come from the a non-christian back ground. Lord uses this ministry in a big way to reveal His children. They perform excellently well in memorizing the Bible verses and in telling the Biblical stories and in Praying. There are many kids who accept the Lord at a very young age through these Bible studies. My friend was saying that the parent of one kid poured our boiling water on the kid, because she was boldly proclaiming the Gospel.

The children called for the service of the Lord are very special and they come with lots of brokenness, sometimes physically, financially and many others. I had met one girl at a very young age had seen her mother burn alive in a fire accident. And since she did not have anyone to support she had to be in an orphanage, but last God did His wonders and miracles to bring her part of a Church with her Grand mother and now she lives with her brother. When I met her she was used to be a very weak and lost, now after 5yrs of attending the Church, she is much more stronger and clearer.

The signs of the hardships endured by the Children in Christ start at a very early age. They start building the relationship with the Lord from their heart in the middle of all the brokenness and tear. But God builds His rock and makes His home in every heart.

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