Children of God, Best Believers

As a child growing up in an Indian community, with so many mythological stories, I used to believe literally everything people say, like "If you go out alone in the dark, the devil will come and catch you" or "Never be alone at home, thief will break open the door and will hurt you", etc., I used Believe all the stories people say around me. Sometimes the fears that people put into my heart at a very young age show their presence till now.

But He is the Lord who knows me even when I was formed in my mother's womb. Even without my knowledge He has always been there, it was just that I did not realize His presence. It is the voice of the Shepherd from the Heart which guides me in the times of trouble when my little heart is calling for help. I would say He has always been my Shepherd, but I was the one who was not attentive and obedient to His voice of love and care. Sometimes I feel amazed that He could tame my unruly heart, to be so beautiful and worthy of His name.

When I look at the kids who get the oppurtunity to listen to the word of God, know about the Good Shepherd, and really get to believe that the Lord is Good, Loving, Mighty, Strong, Powerful, Caring and wonderful. I can see the strong foundation laid down in their hearts in the Love of God. They dont have the fear of the devil, they only Have the love of the Lord deeply rooted in their Heart. It is really good and amazing that the Lord chooses to protect His children so well. When lives of the children are a great struggle, they learn to seek the Lord and His Spirit in a very early age. They learn to seek the Lord and recognize the voice of the Shepherd and to follow the voice even when they start facing the hardships. They learn to pray for the spiritual wisdom and to seek the face of the Lord in a very early age.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

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