Climbing vines in the Garden of God


Jesus Christ says "I am the vine and you are the branches and my Father is the vine grower."

I know my nature of being weak and needing support to grow. I was born into the world as a baby, so weak physically, intellectually and spiritually. I needed physical, intellectual and Spiritual support to grow and stand. I was holding on to my family, my friends and community for the support to grow, I felt strong and happy to be able to stand. But at some point, gradually I became week when these support which were surrounding me started to slowly move far away from me, causing me to wither and fall, but the inward realization of the attachment of this life to Jesus Christ, and the Grace of His which provided the inner being the support to grow stronger by His Mercy.

Now, looking at the charecteristic of a vine, it is a climber, its stems is storng and can stand strong but its branches are weak and they need support on which they can hold on to so they can bear fruits. Jesus calls Himself the vine and us the Branches to reveal to us of our true nature of being attached to His, and our need for support to stand. Now if I am created to be attached to Jesus Christ and still be in need of support, who will provides me the support? Jesus Christ says that it is His Father, the vine grower. He knows the support needed for every branch to grow and bear fruit. He prunes the branches to grow well, but those branches that do not bear fruit, He cuts and throws them into fire. Being a weak branch in the vine of Jesus Christ, which produces tons and tons of fruits is an amazing place to be in. We being a branch in Jesus Christ, holding on to His words, get the ability to bring in the Faith, good news and Salvation in the lives of many people who we meet and interact with.

We dont have to feel bad about the fact that we are weak, the strength to do our duties comes from God, our Father and Christ, His Son. God first brings out and reveals the fact that we are weak, so it is very clear to the world that our Strength comes from the Christ, who died on the Cross for our Salvation. There is no other source of Strength or power in our lives. It is a Pride to be the weak branch in the strong vine of Jesus Christ, which declares the love of Christ, through our life and deeds.

We being the body of Christ we have to understand and acknowledge the fact that we are dependent beings, that He provides our needs and He keeps us joyful and happy as we are His own Children.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

We dont have to feel bad about the fact that we are weak, the strength to do our duties comes from God, our Father and Christ, His Son.


Steve Hurt @steveh ·

I like this. As Jesus answered Paul "my strength is sufficient."

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