Coming out of honeymoon period..

Everyday after my Physiotherapy, I take a cab to reach home. Today being a Saturday I completed my session in the morning, I felt let me walk. I thought I will walk till the point where I can and then I will take a cab as required. As I started walking I felt like phase 2 of "Coming out of Honeymoon period".

In August, when I had to go back to work, after being at home for 2 months was my first phase of coming out of my honeymoon period. I had to come out of the luxury of getting everything delivered at my bedside. Again now slowly when I try to walk and get back home instead of using the cab, is my next phase of coming out. It was not easy, to walk about 2 miles. I was consciously watching my feet, it really felt good and my muscles started relaxing and getting better. It is a slow but a steady thing, I have to get back to my regular routine.

Personally, I have always felt, there is a time when God provides us with all that we need, but after a little while when we are strong, He expects us to come out of the Honemoon phase and start fruit bearing. There is a time when Jesus Christ was with His disciples, preaching them and holding them. But then later during the Last Supper, He tells them "I will be with you for a while, and then I am going to the one who sent me" (John 7:33). After His resurrection, slowly His disciples realized that the Honeymoon period is over, and now they have to serve the purpose for which they were called.

We are all called with a duty, as babies most of us enjoi our Honeymoon period, but when we start growing up, and we start speaking, walking and applying our brains. We are ready to get to the school to learn things in the right way. Like that in Christ we were Spiritual babies, and we are fed with the food of blessing, but when are strong, God calls us to serve. It does not mean that people who serve dont eat, they still need the food.

But Physically and Spritually we have to be nourished at regular intervals. Physically we have to take the food every 4hours to be active and performing. To earn the food, we have to work hard. It is not easy. Similarly we have to keep feeding ourselves with Spiritual food, and sometimes we have to go in search of it. They come in for of books, blogs or preaching or prayers. But still we need to keep the search active.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

This is a wonderful analogy! We have been made alive through Christ in order to rise up and go forth, proclaiming what God has done, yet we comfortably sit outside the grave.


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