Commitment.. end to end..

I wasthinkingabout commitment for some personal reasons.. then wanted to look into Bible to see what it says about commitment and what is the extent of commitment that God is looking from me..

(NIV) Psalm 37:5 Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this:

In reality, when I look at this commitment is so huge and it covers everything end to end.. starting with our obedience to what He has asked us to do.. in humbling ourselves to bow down and serve Him.. in presenting before Him all our Prayers and Petitions.. in putting all our needs genuinely into His hands.. in trusting Him that He will take care of our needs.. in putting our Faith and Hope in His unfailing love.. in surrending to His will in every aspect of life.. to understand His paths and ways.. to wait for His descisions with Hope.. to serve His people.. to trust in His plans.. to trust that He cares for us and He is always watchful of us.. to heed to His voice and directions.. to be His own.. to belong to Him.. whereever we are, whatever we do.. be His own.. and be under His care.. looking at Him every moment of Life..

Commitment is end to end.. body, mind and soul.. till I feel that I am no longer a seperate entity.. I am not seperate from Him.. being united with Him as one Body.. and start moving and acting as being one with Him in every action.. for us this commitment is not easy.. as we are so used to being on our own and acting as seperate entity.. we need to submit ourselves to the Lord so that He will reveal us His presence and keep us in safe and feel that we are never alone.

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