Create a new Identity by Faith

Though we were created with perfect faith, we were born with no faith. If there is something that we should build stronger during our life on the earth, then it is our Faith in Christ.

If the Faith is growing weaker day by day, it is something to be alarmed about be taken seriously. Pray about guidance to the Lord on how to keep building the Faith more and more stronger everyday, all the days of our life, till we are perfect in Faith on the day of His coming. As we grow older, though we grow weaker in flesh, our Faith should also keep growing in Him.

Jesus Christ born as baby in Manger, with his identity hidden and unknown to the world. He walked in Faith till His real and original identity was revealed to the world through His resurrection.

Peter got his new identify by Faith. It started as a word from the Lord "Peter, on this rock I will build my Church" Out of Faith and commitment, to Jesus Christ before and after His resurrection, Peter walked, the tough path laid before him, till Peter's new identity is established as an unchanging truth to the world.

The Faith of Abraham, kept growing all the days of His life. His walk by Faith to the Lord gave him a new identity.

Being born again we are new, God gives us a new identity of being His Children. Before that because our sins, we were children of the devil. We have to grow up in the Faith to claim and perfect in our new identity. Let us renew our Faith and our new identity every day, every moment, in every situation, which challenges our identity.

In our lives also, the new identity starts with the word from God, which is lives deep inside our heart. As we start walking by Faith with Jesus, trusting Him who is the way, till our new reality gets revealed to the world. It might take years for our new identity to get established, based on the plan which God has in our lives. It needs commitment, obedience, trust in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. By Faith we walk to the perfect identity to which we are called in Jesus Christ.

We praise and sing of the Faithfulness of God, which He established eternally by giving His life on the Cross. Jesus Christ called us to grow in Faith. He says to us "you of little Faith", grow up to have more Faith to drive away the demons in our lives. It is our calling to grow in Faith, till we have a new Identity revealed to the world by Faith.

What did I achieve in this life on Earth will be -- My Faith in Jesus Christ. What more would I want, than to live my real identity, which the satan had stolen and hidden it away such that the world cannot see, which is revealed in Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Good one thanks

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I like that - identity.

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