Cross stops us from sinning and Spirit helps us to rise up

Jesus Christ loves His children so much that He gave us two important skills to survive in this world, one is the cross that we bear with our Faith in Christ and the other is the Holy Spirit, that helps us to rise up above the sins and lead a Holy life.

It is our Love for Christ which enables us to chose to bear the cross, and to walk in the way He showed us to walk, it is our Faith in Him that enables us to die with Him on the Cross. It is His love for us that gives us the Holy Spirit which enables us to raise up from the cross, and delivers us from the clutches of the sin and to walk in the path of salvation.

Jesus Christ bore the cross anddue to His obedienceand His Love for His Father, the same way we out of our obedience and love for our Father Lord Jesus Christ, we bear our cross. The intent for which we bear the cross is the same as that of Christ, our submission to the will of the Father, and our renouncing of the sinful and lustful life. We chose not to die eternally by running behindthe sinful life, but we chose to die on the cross. We do not chose the weakness of the flesh.

As we carry the cross, we walk the path to Calvary, which feels so abandoned, painful, lonely, helpless, hopeless and weak, but as we go through all these, we overcome the sin, lust, greed, ego, self-image, anger, cruelty, cowardice. We have to be Joyful and happy about the satanic influences we are overcoming and defeating.

At the end of this journey, He gifts us with the Holy Spirit, He gives us the identity and authority to be called His own children and people. He gives us the strength to walk with confidence, love, security, sincerity, and victory in His Grace.

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Amen, Deepa!

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