Designed to let go when it Hurts beyond Tolerance

I kept some milk to heat in the microwave, I took at the container, I was holding the cup instead of the handle. Slowly I started feeling the heat in my hand, and I realized my hand is slowly letting the cup go away, I immediatly paced the cup on the table and changed to hold the handle instead of the cup.

We are basically designed to let go the things hurt us by reflux. Like when a cup is hot we immediatly let is go, when a tool is sharp and hurts our finger, our when a sharp object ****** our feet, we immediatly take our hands, or feet away from it. Our Heart is designed with the basic nature of letting go what hurts us. Most of the times it is true in case of relationships as well. When we feel that relationship be it friendship or marriage or work or spouse or kids, we cannot hold on to it when it starts hurting and bleeding. We tend to let them go.

But Jesus Christ through His love on the Cross gives us the strength to hold on even when it Hurts. He chose to drink the cup which His Father had Given Him, though it was so painful. He was holding on to the Pains of our sins on the Cross because of His love for the Father and God's love for us. Though His nature is to let go when someone sins, He chose to hold on to us when we put our trust in His love instead of our weakness.

Through His love He taught us to Hold on, though our brother is sinning, taught us to hold him in God's love, and to bear the pains for the love of our dear brother and not to let them die in sin and loneliness. Jesus Christ through His love gave us the strength to bear the pain which has its eternal reward. Jesus Christ through His love taught is to stand firm, and not to turn back.

Beth M @blest ·


Beth M @blest ·

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