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The world we live in is so active, busy, happy and it is so much filled with action, goals and achievement. This world has lots of work for the healthy and active people. Everyone needs them including their family, work, friends, they have lots of busy work going on with hard long busy work, kids, parties, get to-gathers, fun, laughter and many actions going on around. But the minute when that person falls sick, that person is forgotten from the active world, till he or she is healthy enough to rejoin all the fun. In a way, the world takes people for a big overhaul of action packed journey, till that person falls finally gets drained out and falls sick. But unfortunately in this world, we have to keep ourselves busy and active. Keeping ourselves idle also leads us to sickness. There isn't any proven way of spending time, which can guarantee and suffering free life. The truth is there is a lot of hidden despair, loneliness, pain and suffering going on in every corner of the world. There are pains because of war, because of the border, domestic and political violence. There is a struggle hidden in everyday life for us. Though the person around me seems to be serving the food and working quietly, there will be thousands of struggles, pains and frustrations going on inside that person. There is no way to just let them go away. We carry those pains and frustrations and keep walking on and on for the time and life to heal it or it is no longer worthy or does not matter anymore. The problem is when these pains and frustrations stop us from walking past them. We reach out for help to people who can help us and motivate us to walk past these pains and frustrations.

When I got sick with my Flu and Cold during the past week and half, it kind of reminded me, how weak and helpless I am when I am sick. I am no longer the same person as before, with in few hours my life and my confidence, my strength were all lost. It is not just to me, it should be with everyone who is sick, they have to be home till their muscles get the energy required to move around.

It reminds me of the time spent with my friend who had cancer, though I can see the pains she is going through and understand the weakness by the way she is able to tell me. It is far away from my understanding on how painful her muscles or her body would feel, when she tries to stand up from her bed and do her duties. It was hard for her, to be in the bed or to move around. The pain that she goes through cannot be felt or shared with anybody around her, neither her husband, or daughter or her friends. The depth, the intensity of the pain that she was going through is something that cannot be contemplated by anyone who had not been through such pains.

People round the sick often blame the sick for not taking the required measure to walk out of the sickness, which is not right. The pain and the weakness in the body of a sick person is so hidden and blinded from a normal person. It is like the solider who said to Jesus Christ on the Cross, if He is the Son of God, let Him heal himself and come down from the cross. But in reality that is not the intent of the pain on the suffering in soul, the physical and the spiritual suffering has a bigger meaning and requires more understanding than any normal human being can have.

Looking at the Christ and the sufferings He went through, it is hard for any human being to understand the depth and intensity of the pain that He went through for our sins. The Truth in His suffering is much more intense, pure and real and purposeful, and it helps us to understand the bigger meaning behind the pains that we go through in our lives. The bigger meaning behind holding on to the sufferings we go through in our lives.

The world puts the people who go through sufferings into silos and tries to hide them out of this world and the daily routine. They get ignored by the people around, they are left to deal with their pain. The tough part is not many people can do much to ease their pain. People have to go through their share of the Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Intellectual suffering and learn to overcome it one way or the other. Through faith and hope, everyday, we take medicine that will help us overcome the pains in life. Every morning there is hope that we grow better and will be strong, till that day when we finally face the Lord's day.

John B. Abela @johnabela ·

Your last paragraph is dead on. I have seen a few friends go through really bad medical issues and it seemed as if all of our friends just up and ignored them while they were suffering. Speaking for myself, going through some medical issues the last two or so years, I can say that I have seen the same thing. One or two friends here or there check-in on me every so often, but for the most part, once the symptoms started to show, it was as if everybody just stopped talking, or hanging out, with me. Medical abandonment. It has forced me to really look both inwards for strength, and towards the Lord for spiritual strength. Thanks for sharing!

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