Does this Glorify The Lord

The most important question that I need to ask myself with every task I do is, does this bring Glory to the Lord?

When I look around, I would classify the people who usually do things that do not Glorify the Lord into two main categories. One is the people who are weak, who bow down and yield to the power of the human beings, they work for the satisfaction of the human beings. Other is the people who have authority and they do things to glorify their self, instead of the Lord. When we have to work with such kinds of people we end up being in situations which does not glorify the Lord. This is a very common situation that most of us face in our work environment, but still we choose to listen to the Holy Spirit and to follow the Lord.

To begin with God gives us the Spirit of tolerance, patience, and helps us to alert and advise them. But when we put our trust in their ways and start to work towards satisfying them. They start to dominate our daily lives and start influencing our daily routines, the biggest challenge that comes in is "Does this Glorify The Lord?"

If the answer is "This does not bring Glory to the Lord, then it is important that we really stop doing things that do not Glorify My Lord." Bible is the Book of people whose purpose in life is to Glorify the Lord. They all stood to Glorify the Lord, and they faced all kinds of troubles which humans can create to them. They did not perform any deed to Glorify men or their works.

The Best thing is that the Holy Spirit guides us when we realize, repent and resolve to do what glorifies Him, and stop doing what does not glorify Him. It is really very amazing to see the transformation in the results of our activities, when we really stop doing something which does not Glorify the Lord.


John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Wonderful blog - thanks for such clarity.


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