Endless transformations in and around us

Transformation keeps this life and world around us super dynamic. The complexity of the transformation makes difficult to predict what is coming next. It makes it seem like things are random, adhoc, unplanned and uncontrolled. But on the contrary by closely watching the transformation, understanding the pattern and the logic behind it, it helps human being awe about God. The real mastery of the one who created all these to such a perfection.

Interestingly, every baby born on the earth, comes out of the womb with very minimal or no strength or wisdom or feelings. But after the baby comes into the world it slowly develops the muscle strength to move its hand, feet etc.,. It develop senses like vision, speach, feeling, expression. It goes to the school and gets into the world learns to think, count, be logical etc., These happen by design. Slowly as the age progresses the child grow up to be boy or a girl then to a man or woman, they reproduce, and slowly becomes old and the body looses all the strength, feelings and the wisdom, then gradually it exits out this world. Transformations are everywhere, even a small seed which germitates, becomes a plant, bears fruits and seeds.

Transformations are not just limited to the living, it is applicable to the non living things around us as well. The water transforms to Ice, snow, vapour, cloud, rain, sea, river, ocean etc., Soil transforms to various rock, sand, land, mountain, river bed, coal, diamond, gold, and various other minerals. Heat becomes fire, valcano, sun rays, electriclty. Air transforms into wind, hurricane, tornado, spirit, breath. Looking at the universe outside, earth moves around the sun, sun moves, galaxy moves it keeps transforming, forming new stars, new galarixies, black holes, big bang etc.,.

Sometimes being alone all by ourself in the midst of all these transformations make us feel so lost and lonely. But at the sametime faith in the Lord helps us to really trust that God is in control and through His spirit, He gives us the authority over these transformations. "if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." (NIV Mathew 17:20). WOW.. Interesting, Awesome and Amazing.