Every Challenge transforms into Wisdom

Challenges are like the darkness that surround us and as we stand firm in the Lord, the light comes back. We need to trust and believe that God is looking at us and He is working in favor of us. During the times of trouble, we are usually standing in doubt, or in fear, but when we Pray the Lord gives us the Spirit of hope, discipline and repentence and commands His angels to make sure that we are directly in His true wisdom and grace.

Every challenge we face in our life translates into the wisdom of God. It really helps us to understand the Word of God and acknowledge it more better and clearly. Also it helps us to relate to the people who have been through lots of Challenges, but have overcome the challenges through their Faith in the Lord. It helps us feel the safety and security in the Lord. When we sit back and meditate on the path which we walked on, it really amazes to know that the Faith we have in the Lord, has transformed us and helped us to over come the challenge.

Though it is so hard for us to stand in the midst of challenges fighting with our doubts and fears. But still when we manage to fight these and overcome these and finally stand in the victory that the Lord has set for us, everything translates to confidence and nearness of God. By the end of challenge we are far away from our self and we are closer to the Lord much more that what we were earlier.

When we look back at all the struggles and the victory brought to us by the Lord it really helps us to guide others who are walking the same path as us. There are many instances when I see people with prayer requests, similar to the challenges which I had faced in the past, and I really feel happy when I can confess and pray for them with confidence that my Lord can do.

Though we are like any other people, with the same capacity to endure and bear pains. Christ through His sacrifice on the cross, gives us really great strength and courage to face the challenges that He makes us look like extraordinary people in front of others. It is the Hands of the Christ which is holding us from falling in the midst of challenges, and people who dont see His hand, think of us to be extraordinary. We never want to stand without Him, because without Him we cannot stand. He is our strength and savior. He knows our Love for Him and How much we need Him.

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It is the Hands of the Christ which is holding us from falling in the midst of challenges,

I more true word has not been spoken.


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