Everything good around us in through His Mercy

From the time we wake up till we go to Bed, there are hunderds of things that have become part of our day to day life, which we dont even realize how life miserable our lives will be without them. The electricity, the light bulbs, the trains, buses, the food, the referegirator, the dresses, the shoes, the jackets the protect us from the cold, the escalators, the elevators, the microwave, many millions of such things which have become part of our day to day life. WhenI look back at the early primitive man's life in the jungles, making fire with the flint stones, making winter clothes with the Aminal skin, living in the caves.

I really amazes me that God provided us with all these comforts in life, with a home, food, clothes, heating, cooling and modes of communite. I still wonder why did God choose to provide us every for of protection. May be if we were in the primitive stages we might have had been more humble and God fearing than what we are today. With all these comforts in life, sometimes I feel that we are moving away from the Presence of God. But sometimes when I am so tired and see the escalator I really thank God for providing me. But sometimes I feel we are like the Israelites who came out of Egypt and were murmuring in the desert asking for food, water and many more things.

We are also like those Israelites who are murmuring about the life that we have and keep asking for more and more things, which is not what God wants out of us. He is providing us everything so that we are able to live a peaceful and contempted life. Whatever good things we see around us which is helping us to lead a happy, peaceful and quiet life is all from God. It is His Vision, His direction, His wisdom, His sacrifice on the cross which has enabled us to have a peaceful life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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