Everytime we try to change, we break something.

When I am stressed out at work and I need a vacation, I need a break. When I need really want to take a walk way from my desk for a cup of hot chocolale, I need a break. When I want to change my job, I need a break. When I want to eat outside, I need a break. I hate to listen to my manager, I need a break. I hate to sit through the meeting, I need a break. On an average, how many times in a day do I really think of breaking something? Break has become a part of life.

When I really think of my parents, they never wanted as many breaks as me. My dad had the same job for 40 yrs till he retired. My mom has been doing the same household chores for more than 40+yrs. But interestingly as I grew up, they gave me the freedom to break. But sometimes when I broke some things as a kid, I used to get spanked as well.

Break is both good and bad. Bad thing about break is when it brings indiscipline and being rebellious. We know in Bible God does not like being rebellious. Sometime I sit back to God and ask Him and confess to Him, that by all what His Bible defines, I fall under the category of being rebellious, because I always need a break, after every hour I need a break. But still He is compassionate and uderstanding as He was with the Tax collector or with the Woman at the well or with any other person in the Bible who had broken something. But every break comes with the corrective act. After the break get back to work. When I look back in the Bible we have a legacy of people who Broke, Adam and Eve broke the instruction of God "do not eat the fruit of the tree of wisdom", and were thrown out of the Garden of Eden, followed by Cain, the list goes on to include every individual ever born on the earth, excluding our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sometimes the Break gets all the more interesting when it comes in our body. I was talking to a lady in my Physio therapy sessions, she broke her leg and her ankle and she has been in the Cast and then the boot and now on a braces. What did she, how did she break,do she as holding holding a two year old baby and her foot got struck some where and she was about to fall over the baby, she twisted to avoid falling on the baby and she fell down with the baby over her, but she ended up breaking her ankle and her leg.

As I grew up, I tried something new, I fell and got a wound. Apply some medicine and the wound heals. Now when I grew, I have stabilized in those falls, now it is directly break the bones, and wait for it to heal. Now when I grow older it will be break the whole body and wait for the Lord to recreate me with the Spiritual Body.

The good thing about break is it brings us out of the grasp of the evil one. It is like "He is the Maker and we are the Breakers." He is not tired of Making and we are not tired of Breaking. He would have thought Evil one, you taught my childern to Break, now I will give them the strength to Break You and your schemes. He is the Maker who dwells in the spirit deep inside me, but my mind driven by my wisdom is a breaker. I just wish to have a wisdom which makes instead of breaks. In reality, I am trying to make something new, by breaking the old. Look God I broke this, give me something new. Just that God wants everyone to have the opportunity to Break. You broke it, now he/she broke it as well, now don't complain that he or she did it, I forgave when you broke it, it is the same with him or her.

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He is the Maker and we are the breakers. Love it

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