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As part of my daily reading I started reading Psalm and Gospel everyday morning and night. It has been around four months since I started it. When I finished reading Gospel of John, I was wondering what should I read next, but for some reason I felt I will read the Gospel of John once again. Again when I completed, I felt I wanted to read it again.

I feel Gospel of John gives me a very lively face of Jesus, which makes me feel that I am able to see His face much more clearer and nearer. As I read it I feel this Gospel is the message and warning of Jesus to everyone who does not believe in Him. Every chapter talks about Jesus Being the Son of God and Jesus Christ's reply People who do not believe in Him.

Every action of Jesus testifies His being the Son of God, and there are people who believe in His being the Son of God and others who deny the truth. When I read the Gospel, I can see the face of Jesus, who is so united with the Father's will. Every action of Jesus Christ, is a testimony to His being the son of God. With every miracle He performed He always faces people who do not accept Him as the Son of God. And Jesus Christ gives His reply to every individual who does not belive in Him. He specifies very clearly what is going to Happen to the one who do not belive in Him.

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Amen, Sister!

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