Faith and Perseverance

Bible is all about God's plan to save Man. There is no change in this plan and will always be the same. The old Testament or the new Testament reveals us the same message. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are all working towards the same destiny, which is God's plan to save Man and to restore man to eternity. This truth belongs to every single human being on this earth. God wants each and everyone to have life in abundance. But Satan fights against God's plan and he steals the life from people.

Though I live away from my family, still I am connected to every member in my family and the well being of each one of them concerns me directly. The sickness encountered in my family in the past two months, my sister's daughter had Dengue fever two months back and she got healed, then later my daughter had Pneumonia a month back and she got healed, then following to that I got sick with flu last week and I am in the path of recovery, and last night my sister who is in Japan she got sick and had to reach out friends so someone can help her and take her to the hospital. Praying that she feels better. Looking at the series of sickness in the family, my siblings, our kids and our parents. It seems to be a continuous cycle of sickness in the family members throughout the year. But that does not mean that the life stops because of sickness. We had my cousin's marriage couple of months back, and a niece who is all set to deliver he baby in the coming month, another niece whose engagement is planned to be next month. It sometimes feels so overwhelming to look at everything that is happening around. But God is not. He plans for the life for everyone. He is the Giver of life. He gives us life in every way. He gives is the food, air, water, His words, His love, His promises to hold on to. He does not leave anyone unattended. He plans for the life of every individual.

My Life is something God, myself and literally everyone around me has control over. God takes over the control of my life, only when no one else has control over it including me. As kids we dont have control over our lives, our parents and the older people around us control it. But as we grow we learn to start controling our lives. We define how we start our day, where we work, who are our friends, what food I want to eat, what dress I want to wear, when I want to sleep, How I want to be, what I want to acheive. We control our personality, our habits, our manners, our values. But then when at some situation, God intervenes and teaches us to give the control to Him. It is not easy, to begin with, it is not easy to get into the habit of asking the Holy Spirit for which dress I want to wear, or How do I finish the task, or When do you want me to sleep, Whom all you want me to talk with. In this state we still are controlling our lives and partially we give the control to the Spirit to let us know the details which we dont know. But to give the Holy Spirit the total control of our lives and ask Him to transform it to be the way He wants needs Faith and to keep striving to give the complete control of my life to God needs perseverance.

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