Faith defines what, why, how and when it does

Faith makes out of us what it claims to make, like the clay in the Potter's hand. Understanding our Faith is like understanding how the pot is being made from the clay. It holds the Definition of how the pot is being made, why is the pot being made, when is the pot is mode and what pot will be made.

When we accept the Lord, His sacrifice on the cross, get Baptized and receive the Holy Spirit, we are like the clay sitting on the potter's wheel. Now, the Spirit start moving around us, and the Hands of the Lord is shaping us so that we become what our Faith claims to make out of us. The pot making does not complete until the potter says "It is Finished", till then the wheel keeps spinning. Until we accept the Lord and decide to let the Faith to act in our life by accepting the Holy Spirit, we are dust and will go into dust. Similarly, if we don't hold on to the Hope and jump out of the Faith before it is Finished, it is of no use.

Our Faith clearly defines what Spirit of God is trying to make out of us. The purpose of our Faith is to make Eternal beings out of us. This purpose starts with Creation in Genesis, when the Spirit of God brought in light into dark and barren earth and Act of Faith will be accomplished with the creation of New Heaven and Earth. All people who accept the Lord and work with the Holy Spirit are being prepared to be part of the New World. When we read Hebrews Chapter 11, in which Paul clearly points out the working of the faith starting with the creation, then the Faith at work in Abel, Noah, Enoch, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, Samuel, the Judges, the Prophets, the Apostles and the Martyrs who all walked in alignment the Spirit of God. They walked in Hope of what the Spirit promised to them, and they are all the witness and Testimonies to the Faith in action. By accepting the Holy Spirit, we are also walking in the same Faith.

Jesus Christ, the first born over all creation, through His life, death and resurrection, has confirmed and revealed to us the mystery of How the Spirit will raise us from the dead. Through His death on the cross and His obedience to the Father, He has confirmed to us the Hope of our Faith. He has confirmed that our Faith is in action and the Holy Spirit is in action since the Begining till the End in accomplishing the Promise of Faith to the people who hold on to the Hope.

Hope is something that Holds us to the Faith when the Spirit is in action. Sometimes we may feel that the way the things are moving we dont have control over anything, but still we know that the Spirit is in action and God is in control. If we take our eyes off our daily problems and hold on to our Hope, so that we can see what the Spirit of God is making out of us.

One day we will be made perfect in the eyes of the Lord, our Life and Love will be made perfect in the Lord. The Faith will not stop its action will everything is accomplished.


Yeah that is for sure !

Our faith definitely define's us and we just don't know what the finished product will be ,but we know that when He appears that we shall be just like Him .

Be blessed forever


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