Fallen vs. New Branches

This Good Friday, I was in the Church, meditating on the sacrifice of our Lord, His life, His death and His resurrection, to bring in salvation into our lives. As I was looking at the cross on which Jesus Christ died, the wood on which He hung to bring in life into us. I was thinking about the branches once fallen which cannot get back to their trees and be attached to it again.

A branch can break and fall away from the tree for many reasons, like broken by a heavy wind, or someone cut it, or because it was heavy with some much fruits that the tree cannot hold it. There are many situations which leads to the breaking of the branch from the tree. The tree and the branch have been attached since the day the branch came into being. But still the situation forces them to fall apart.

Once they fall apart their journey or path changes. The branch might be picked up by a man for fire or making some furniture, or it can just decay there in the same spot where it fell. The tree has to stand with the broken branch, everyone seeing it will see the brokenness of the tree, it has lost it beauty which the big branch with bunch of leaves, flowers and fruits used to bring into its life. The tree has to wait till there are new small branches coming out and it will take time for the new branch to grow and be able to produce the fruits as the old one.

When I look into our relationship with the Lord, He created Adam and Eve to be attached to Him, in the garden of Eden allowed to eat the fruits from the Tree of life to be away from sickness and be alive forever. But in their pride and being lead by the serpent they broke their obedience to the Lord, and that lead them to be the fallen branches from the Lord God our Father. They were banished from the Garden of Eden, they were prohibited from eating the fruits from the Tree of Life. Mankind became the fallen branch.

But then there is this seed of Faith that was sown deep inside in the man, which God as part of His plan through His wisdom of the things that is going to come and what man is going to through. His seed manifested and started growing generation after generation through many men who put their Faith in the Lord. They sought the presence, promises, words, plan, purpose and Spirit of the Lord. Rooted in their Faith, and by the Word and promise the Lord, through His Spirit, a new branch grew out of the mankind, our Lord Jesus Christ, who filled with the Spirit, carried the cross, to died for our salvation.

This new branch in our relationship with our God the Father, now has reestablished the presence of the man in the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ, Son of God, also born out of a woman through the Spirit of God. Now is the first born of the dead, and He is resurrected and is seated at the right hand of the Father. Thus enabling the hope in us that we will be with Him in Heaven, that we are the growing as part of the branches, in the Kingdom of God. We are not detached, but attached the Kingdom of Heaven, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise be to our Lord God the Father and the Son our Savior Lord Jesus Christ, for His everlasting goodness and infinite mercy on us.

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Great message! 🌲🌴

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