Father and Son

Today in the church, in the pew in front of me were seated a father and his son, who was around twelve years old. I really enjoied watching them together, they were very friendly, understanding, caring of each other. But at the same time when the boy sat down in the middle of the Gospel reading the dad asked him to standup. And later I saw the son passionatly wipe the reading glasses for his dad. Looking that them I could feel that they really enjoied each other's company.

Father and Son relationship God has called us to be in is not something where the Father is finding fault with the son, and the son finding fault with the Father. We dont have anything that is perfect in this world. There is no perfect father, no perfect mother, no perfect son, no perfect daugther, no perfect spouse, in general there isn't anything which is called a perfect family. We all know the fact that there is no option to say "Stop the world, I want to get down". This world in its mixture of the good and evil togather, makes all of its imperfect families.

Perfection comes with forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, love, sharing in this imperfect world. If we keep fighting with each other in the midst of our imperfections, there isn't going to be any solution to this. If we keep judging, finding fault, gossipping about others the life will become a burden. God asks us to cast all these burdens to Him and to keep moving. God wants us share His love with people and not the faults.

The relationship with He has called us into is where the Father and Son are one. The Father listens to the Son's prayers, like how He heard His prayers for Lazarus. The son does what the Father does. The Father and the son dont have anything unknown or hidden between each other, they are one. When the son is in trouble as in the Garden of Gethsamane, the Father sends His angels. When the Son is in troubles in the cross, the Father Resurrects Him from the death.


The Father and Son relationship into which we are called, is same as the above. Father and the Son support each other and work togather towards the common goal. The son obeys and fulfils the purpose for which He came into the world. We have come into this world with a purpose, we have to fulfil it.

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