Fear of Man or Fear of God

Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, but fear of man is stupidity.

Proverbs 29:25 The fear of man brings a snare, But he who trusts in the LORD will be exalted.

The most important transformation that came with the Gospel is the freedom from the fear and authority of man. There is nothing for which any individual needs to fear any man. This message is strongly and clearlyconveyed in the Gospel. The first thing that we as Christians we overcome when we get baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit, is the freedom from the Fear of Man.

In the days of Jesus, we see that the Pharasies, the tax collectors, the rulers, Teachers of the Law and chief priests were all the source of fear to a common man. They were creating the fear in people's hearts through the law and many other sources. They were using their authourity and the knowledge to impart the fear in the hearts of people. It was not the fear of the Lord, but it was the fear of man which was previailing. Jesus Christ provided them the Shelter of God's Love which comes with Salvation, Healing, forgiveness of sins. He freed us from the guilt, sickness and the fear of death that men impart into our hearts. He showed Mecry, Grace and compassion, instead of punishment, misery, and curses.

Jesus Christ by His life, death and resurrection, totally removed the fear of man from he hearts of the people who believed in Him. He put in the Fear of God, the authority of the Kingdom of God instead into people's mind and heart. He taught the authority of Heaven, the goodness of the Father, His second coming,the judgement on the last day. People no longer had to fear of the punishment from man, they feared the Lord who had authority over their soul.

If we are in Christ and still our daily lives is driven by the fear and authority of men, then we really need to look back and see what is going on and need to work towards correcting it.


Total truth brutal honesty !

In whom shall I fear ?

Fear Only God , Amen an amen

Be forever blessed


Sandra Russo @dove920 ·

This is true and I appreciate the message.

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Excellent lesson in this blog - much to think about and to be thankful for.
Thank you Deepa!
God bless,

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