Fighting a good fight

God gave us strength, feeling and emotion to live the life which he created us for. Using these in a negative way leads people to pride and Hell. And the interesting part is not using them in the right way also leads us to Hell and misery, because by not using it we are letting our lives be controlled by people who are negative, which leads our lives to misery and Hell. Most of us think, Being a neutral person in this life will work. But God has called us to fight. Being a neutral person directly means failure.

People who come into Christ come from either of these categories, people who were using their strength, feeling and emotion in a negative way or the people who were netrual and their lives were controlled by negative people. To Christ it really does not make any diference from which category we come from, everyone is sinners and belong to the same flock or group till we come into Christ. Because in both the cases, the soul is in pain, the soul is not in love with God or anyone. The Soul is in Misery and this does not lead to life and Heaven. Misery leads to Death and Hell.

Before getting into the true communion and relationship with Christ we all feel we are doing justice by accepting the misery and pain we are going through. We dont understand the difference between the Crucifixion of Jesus and the crucifixion of two other people on the side. The death for the thieves and the death of Jesus on the cross all look the same. We are dying the death of the thief and we are imagining that we are dying the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. We are have the destiny of the thief on the cross, but we think we have the destiny of Heaven as of Jesus.

When this truth of our death and the pains and the sufferings gets revealed to us, we realize that we are being foolish. I am not going to Heaven because of the pain that I am bearing, I am going to Hell. Because for the one very reason, that the pain I am bearing is stoping me from loving the God who created me. I am murmering, cursing, hating the reason for my creation and the creator who created me and why He let me go through the pain. In the soul there is no hope, love or joy or ressurection or life behind our surrefing. It has only pain, sorrow, grief, misery and hell.

When we chose Christ, and we chose to belive in Him. He trains us to use our strength, feeling and emotion to live the life in the way He wants us to be. He transforms our Strengths, feelings and emotions. It takes a while. With Prayer, Wisdom of the Word of God, keeing the commandments, loving God and loving your neighbor, and being humble, being faithful. Our strengths transform, we are no longer intimidated by the words of other people. We are fighting the fight we are called for.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I love your last paragraph!