Fill the vacuum inside you with Jesus

We fill the empty space within us with so much worldly thoughts, ideas, emotions and feelings. Slowly and gradually the empty space becomes a chaos for us to manage. Because we opened the doors for so many evil spirits to influence our hearts and our mind. Every time we listen and act according to the evil one, we keep going more and more away from the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Every time we move away from the Holy Spirit, we move away from the blessing of our Lord. Moving away from the blessing is putting ourselves in Spiritual poverty, into Spiritual thirst and hunger. The spiritual poverty slowly starts transforming into spiritual, mental and physical poverty. The Satan comes to steal and push us into poverty in body, mind and soul. When we walk in the worldly ways and follow the the demons guiding the world, we are also lead into the poverty in our spiritual being.

Our soul becomes weak, after being guided in the wrong ways and being lead into the darkness, with no anchor, no trust, no faith, no peace or no love. It does not feel safe, it feels lost and don't know what it is looking for. It feels weak being misguided, cheated and lead astray. It suffers and feels the pain of the Fires of Hell.

Open the doors to Jesus Christ. Open our hearts for the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit to come and make their dwelling with us. Make this vacuum inside us the home for the Lord, Let Jesus Christ build His Heaven in the empty space inside us. Open your eyes, ears and your heart for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords to come inside your heart and win the victory over the devil and his followers. Transform the empty space, the vacuum inside us to be the place for "Throne of God" and "Throne of Grace" for the God the Father and the Lamb to sit on it, for the four living creature to worship Him, for the twenty four elders to worship the Lord, for the 144,000 sealed to worship Him, for the multitudes of Faithful to come to worship Him. Fill-in the empty space with Father and Christ and their Glory. Connect the soul and the inner being to the Heaven, so we are called the Children of God, Citizens of Heaven. Jesus Christ showed us the way to Heaven. Follow Him.

Glorify them all the time, so they be Glorified for ever. Let your mind always sing praise to the Lord God Jesus. Praise and Glorify His gift of Salvation to us, by His death and resurrection on the cross. Our life will transform and our poverty and misery will change to Glory and Victory, in Jesus name.

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