First Breakup in History happened between Man and God

In today's world with people having contradicting ideas, thoughts and goals, breakup has become an inevitable part of our life. When I look at my parents, by God's grace they have been married for more than 35yrs, though there have been conflicts they chose to be with each other due to various reasons.

But today when I look at my life and the lives of people around me, people feel breakup is a better option than choosing to stay together. When I look at my life and the lives of people around me, life has become so fast paced and dynamic that change is the way of life. People change their jobs, their locations, their projects, their homes, their cars, their cell phones, more frequently. Change is more accessibile and has become a way of life. People feel compromising is more difficult than changing. They dont want to compromise on the comfort by chosing to stay or hold. This affects the value and the long term goals of human life. People dont realize that the changes impact others so badly. There is someone who has planned for the next 20yrs based on the promise someone gave. But when it breaks the person has to replan everything.

When I look at all these pains and struggles that are happening in today's life. God reminded me that the first breakup indeed happened between God and Man. When Man broke is commitment with God. It was the most painful moment for God when He realized what Man has done and that man will die. God endured the pain of breakup. But then it was God's love that He gave us Jesus Christ. He endured the pain of Breakup on the cross so that He can bring in the salvation to the lives of people who repent and accept His love. Jesus Christ ended the Breakup between God and Man.

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