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In the blog I wrote yesterday.. I described - "Jesus, who is Sinless "Image of God". For this John had commented -- This is not a description I would use as the Bible does not describe Jesus as such. The term 'image of God; is used of Adam and his children. Jesus was God, rather than a image."

I was thinking about this as I was travelling to work this morning. Actually what he says is right Jesus is God, rather than image.

Genesis says, Adam was created in the image of God. In a human context, when we say the son is in the image of the father. It means son has the same Characteristics, qualities, nature, etc., like the father. "Image of Father" does not mean being part of the father nor the Father. But Jesus is part of the Father. He and the Father are one.

Now, the best part came up during my morning bible study which described how God created Eve by taking a rib bone from Adam. They are united by marriage to become one body.

That did ring a bell to me. Adam (Man) was not created from any part of God he was made from dust, but he was an image of God. When we look at Eve, she was created from Adam. She is literally part of Adam. Image is different from being a part.

The reading also said, we (church) are the brides and Christ is the groom and we will be united to Him.

Most beautiful grace is - We (Man) were not created to be part of God, but though Church (Being the Body of Christ), and by parting in the Body and Blood of Jesus, we get to become the part of God through Jesus who is part of God.

HIS Mercy is helping us be in the image of God and HIS Grace is transforming us to be Part of His Heavenly Kingdom.

In case there is anything that needs t be corrected in my understanding, please feel very free to comment. I would be glad to correct myself. Thank you and aprreciate your corrections.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Yes God is bringing us into perfection as His Son Jesus displayed but this being changed from glory unto glory is not all one way - we have our part to play for we must transform our mind into the mind of Christ by surrender , denial of self and obedience so that the life of Christ born in our hearts will shine forth.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

You can see the "image of God" in humanity today. In English we have a phrase "brings out the best people" or you could substitute "me", "you" or "them" for people. It is when we rise above what is considered to be typical or normal human behavior. It is seen in the hungry stranger who tears off a piece of their bread and shares it with another. It is seen when a stranger risks their life to rescue someone or gives aid to another. We get no reward and we do not have any ties to that person yet we stop for a moment and are willing to take action and even make a sacrifice.

This is a fleeting glimpse of who we are designed to be. This is how we are supposed to behave however... then we fell. :cry:

You know, the thought has come to my mind that rehabilitation is hard work. God starts the process in our lives. He gives us a clean heart. He gives us the Holy Spirit to help and teach us. We have His Word and anointed pastors and teachers to help us as well. Sometimes we have relapses. Well, I guess I should say that often we have relapses.

[quote]HIS Mercy is helping us be in the image of God and HIS Grace is transforming us to be Part of His Heavenly Kingdom.[/quote]

Oh what a glorious thing God has done! He has mercy upon us and gives us grace, even though we have relapses. He is so loving and patient with us! He picks us up, dusts us off, tends to our bruises and wounds, holds us in His loving arms, teaches us how to do better and... walks beside us.


K :princess:

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Good thoughts in your blog and excellent input from wmj and K.

Through walking in His Spirit daily and putting on the mind of Christ as a choice, we become conformed to His image through HIM. Kind of amazing - it all begins and ends with Him. He gets the glory, honor and praise. We get to choose and then serve through The strength of Christ.

Thank for your words,

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