God expects us to be prepared and not panic.

God reveals us the truth and the challenges that are awaiting in future, He never hides anything. Lord God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit have always revealed to us the forth coming challenges. The intent behind these announcements is that people should be prepared to face the challenges, and not that people have to panic and get worried about it. In Genesis, we see that when the sin increased, the Lord announced to Noah the coming of the flood, the intent of the announcement is to make sure that Noah is prepared to face the flood and over come the dangers of the flood, and make sure that Noah builds the ark and get all the species into the ark and to save the life from extinction.

Likewise, when Jesus Christ announced His second coming and the challenges associated with it, His intent is to make sure that we (His people) are prepared to face it. His intent was not to scare us. Now the question is, are we working like Noah? To build our ark, and make sure we are ready to face the challenges, and equip us with all that is required to make sure we are able to overcome the challenges. Are we getting all our families and friends into the ark of safety?

Or are we acting like the people who got destroyed in the flood, who had the warning, but still continued to be busy with their sinful life, when the flood came they were destroyed by it.

Are we prepared in the way that Jesus Christ has asked all of us to do, not be worried, spread the Gospel, Carry the Cross, Be righteous, follow the Holy Spirit, Guide one another, Pray, Fast and Glorify the Lord.

Now as the sin is increasing, we see many people are losing their faith and their trust, and they no longer believe in the saving power of the cross. They want to run in Chaos, that want to do what is required to save themselves. They are running behind many other faiths and beliefs to save themselves. As people in Christ, we are expected to be prepared to face it and overcome it with victory, and not be scattered and lost. We have known this from the very begining when we accepted Christ, we should confidently teach others to come out of the fear, rather than we being scared.


Yeah we need to stay informed with the time's !

Having a good understanding of the day of our Lord and the time of the day that we are prepared for the things that we will encounter so as to remain calm and in a stable condition and foundation.

Thanks for the reminder that we need to be prepared that the day doe's not take us as unaware running around with our head's cut off and having no sense of direction and guidance and no sight of seeing any hope !

Be blessed forever


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