God fights for our dignity

Dignity is something that can be expressed and felt deep inside the heart. As human beings everyone deserve to be treated with diginity, because we are created in the image of God. There is no excuse to not treat someone with dignity because of their education, or their occupation or their orign or their disability. The dignity comes with the respect for the life that God has given for us.

Three different people insisted the same word "Dignity" this week. My manager insisted on how important it is for people to treat me with dignity. My friend as well told me that it is so important that we be treated with dignity. My priest in the sermon today as well mentioned about dignity and the importance of it in our lives. God really wants me to take this more seriously.

God brings in some people into our lives who really fight for our dignity. Those people who fight for our dignity are more valuable to us that anybody else in this world. Also, God gives us the responsibility to fight for the dignity of our fellow human beings as well. Jesus Christ came to heal the sick, pardon the sinners and the care for the lowly. He came in to restore the dignity of the sick, suffering and the sinners. He came to call the saints and the sinner alike. His love is the same for the saints and sinners. His kingdom and the banquet is open for everyone who have accepted the invite.

When pride comes in we miss to treat people with dignity. The pain point is some people miss to give God the "Value and the Dignity" of who He really is. People go to Him with offerings and go to Him with sacrifices, but God desires a humble spirit, a humble and repentant heart.

We bring in lot of love and value add each others life, in our work, in our home, in our friend's life. But when the people don't treat us with dignity it really hurts. Looking into the past, in my life I have broken my relationship with many people because of the lack of dignity. Unable to bear the pain it brings into the heart and the spirit. To put it in other words, people take us for granted. Sometimes when we love and care for others, and we are ready to help them going a extra mile. People miss to realize the value that we are bringin into their lives. And it terribly affects the relatioship when the dignity is missing.

When parents miss to treat children with dignity, when children miss to treat parents with dignity, when husband fails to treat his wife with dignity, when a wife fails to treat her husband with dignity, when a master fails to treak his servant with dignity, when servant fails to treat his master with dignity. The peace is lost. Individuals have their own ways of reacting to lack of dignity, some people get rebellious, some people go into depression, some people tend to quit. Lack of dignity creates a darkness that attacks people and destroys the relationships.

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