God gimme the patience to wait for your time..

By God's Grace I have slowly started partial weight bearing with my Boots and Crutches. Slowly the swelling in my foot is reducing, the muscular movement is increasing. But still a couple of weeks to go, till I can start total weight bearing on my feet. It is like the Olympian crossing the finish line, as we get closer and closer it gets harder and harder, trying to pull in the most strength possible to make it to the finish line. It is hard and tough to pull out our own strength, when we are in our weakest moments. God knows we are at our weakest that is why He is asking us to love Him with all our Strength. He knows I am weak, but still He knows that He is the Strength inside me. HE makes His dwelling inside me and transforms into my strength.

Sometimes what God does in our lives, is so diffcult to comprehend or to write it down. When I think of me before June 11th, me on Jun 11th when I broke my foot, my journey so far, me who is today, me weeks later, me later in my life. It is the same person, but there is a transformation, something broke, and it formed, to someone who has seen me before June 11th and will see me may be after 6 months, will perceive my strength differently. But someone who has been there with me during this period of suffering, will perceive my strength differently. But in reality I am neither of those, my strength has been varying based on my struggles and healing I have been receiving. But still I am the same individual, God looks at me that same way.

When I look at Jesus Christ, people who know Him as a Prophet and Healer have a different perspective, the people who looked at Him on the Cross have a different perspective, and the people who met the resurrected Christ have a different perspective of the same Lord Jesus Christ. It is same Lord, He is no different, when He was on earth healing the sick and suffering, or when He was on the cross, or now that He is resurrected and is seated at the right hand of the father with authority. But it took time for the whole transformation to happen, so that it can be revealed to the human mind, the biggest mystery of life, death and resurrection.

The most significant part of Hislife He lived on the earth for 33 yrs, was His walk with the cross, when He appears to be most weakest to the person who is looking at Him, when His disciples have left Him, His people voted against His release, they chose Barabas, He was Beaten, smitten and spat on, carrying a heavy cross, falling down thrice, being nailed to the cross and death on the cross. Does any of this mean that He was weak? Not really. He had the same relatioonship with the Father when He was preaching, He had the same relationship with the Lord when He was walking all by Himself carrying the cross, and He still has the same relationship when He is seated at the right Hand of the father. In reality nothing changed, He is WAS, IS and WILL BE the same. But the situations changed.

Sometimes to make people understand.. I am the SAME is difficult or not possible.. some people come accross some accidents or sicknesses which might leave them with permanent disabilities, but that does not mean that they are different, they are still the same from inside, though they have the disability hindering or stopping them, they still are the same people from inside. They have the same life inside them, which is hidden from the world. But God will reveal it in the right time. There are millions of people who are waiting for thier true self to be revealed on the Day of the LORD. I LOVE YOU LORD.

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