God gives me what I asked for

God loves us so much and He grants us the desires of our heart. But most of the times when I pray, I always have a small doubt creeping in my heart, questioning me, if what I am praying is right for me or not. God is Good and He loves us, for Him everything is possible He can give me everything, but at the same time, the desires of heart can lead us to Heaven or Hell, we need to be very careful about that.

I visualize living on this earth is like being in the middle of the multistoreyed building, now the desires of our heart are like the ladder which leads us down or up. If our desires are ungodly then the ladder we take will lead us down to the Hell which is so full of anxieties, distress, pain and suffering. But when our desires are Godly then our ladder is Jesus Christ who helps us to walk to Heaven.

Most of the times my prayer is to sustain the life on the earth, so that I can do my duties properly. There is a time when I have to finish all my duties on this earth and I will be ready to climb up the ladder to Heaven. But sometimes I do wonder if I am wasting my time but I always Pray God toplease let me know if I am not heading in the right direction. Being in Christ, there is nothing that we do, which can go waste, everything is a learning. He holds us safe as we learn and grow, He will not let us go waste. We are His by His will and not by our will.

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