God has given us the choice, let us chose to be the Best

We human beings man and woman are blessed with the wisdom to understand, and the ability to choose. God knows the choices that are in front of us and the one that we will choose. Like how he knew what Cain and Abel will choose to bring to him.

Some may lesser options to choose from, and some might have more options to choose from. But in either case, always choose the best, the one which aligns us to the will of God.

Choosing the right things comes with having the right spirit. When we don't have the spiritual maturity or the right spirit to take the right decision or choose the right friends or choose the right people or choose the right things, then life becomes messy. Every situation in our life gives us the opportunity to grow more spiritually, by being the best of whatever of the spirit God has blessed us with.

If we don't chose or have the right spirit, then we are unable to manage our anger, unable to manage our failures and frustrations, unable to manage our relationships, unable to manage our own priorities and be unable to get all the support that is required to live. The best fruit that God wants from us is the fruit of the spirit. Let us give Him the best fruit.

God gave us His best, His own Son, His Love on the Cross. He gave us the healing, the salvation, the Grace, His Spirit, His life and the promise of Heaven and everlasting life for them who believe in Him. If He gave us the best, then we should also give Him the best. We should not compromise on the love we have for Him or on the love we have for others. We should not be rude or selfish in front of other. We should give the best He has given is to others. It is through us that others will taste the love of God. We are the messengers of the love that God gave for us on the cross.