God is not ashamed to declare His Love for us, Sinners

Lord Jesus Christ throughout the times, never hesitated to proclaim His love for the weak, suffering, sinful people like me, but then when I look back at myself and the people who have accepted the love of Christ, the biggest question that comes up is, why am I (are we) hesitant in declaring my love for the weak, poor, sick, suffering and the Lord who is on the Cross for me?

I claim myself to be loved by the Lord and am happy to say that He saved me from the pains. It was not I, it was He who called me, He came to me and He blessed me. I feel really happy, joyful and at peace when I look at the love that God blessed me with.

But at the sametime, when I look at myself, and ask the question, what have I done to acknowledge the love He gave me? I know I do my daily duties, and I try to have my daily devotional time, and Pray for the people who request to me for prayers, help people strengthen their Faith, and ofcourse attend the Sunday Mass. I think this is what most of my friends in Christ do.

But the important question is am I missing something? Is this all what God is looking for me to do? Does He want me to do anything more than this? As I was thinking about this, the important point God revealed is the question of my Heart and How open is it to acknowledge its love for the poor and the suffering?

I have been in tough times, and I have faced situations where my Christians friends were ashamed of revealing their love and compassion for me. I used to feel, it is God's love that is flowing through them and they are ashamed to declare God's love for me, I really fought for the Love of God, which is rightfully mine, which people are denying it from reaching to me. When we proclaim ourselves to be in Christ and accept the Holy Spirit, which moves with the compassion for the poor and the needy, but deny to accept and act with the compassion for the poor and needy, by holding on to our strength and pride which is in flesh, then what is the use of the Holy Spirit, in my experience, the Holy Spirit will be taken away from us and will be restored among the poor and the needy. Holy Spirit is to proclaim the Love of God to the poor and needy, but if we are thinking that Holy Spirit is working in us to bring in the fame and glory to ourselves, then it is not right, it is not Holy Spirit but it is some other Spirit which is working in us instead.

In the walk of life, the Heaven is not for the one who reached strong, healthy and wealthy, but instead is for the one who finishes the race tired, weak, with pain and suffering.

The Spiritual blessing from God is more like, tell Him what I want to do and accordingly He will provide me the Spirit, if I want to write the blogs He will give me the Spirit of Wisdom, if I want to help others He will give you the Spirit of Healing. In a way God knows what I really want to do, and He blesses me accordingly. But at the same time, I should not move away frommyintent onceI receive the Spirit. The word of God will never return empty, it will finish its purpose.


No doubt that we should spread the love !

It is grand to be rich in love ,but if you don't share it with others it may become stale ,like a river as long as it flow's it remains fresh ,so let the love flow and it will only grow .

Be blessed forever


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