God knows what He is doing

I was facinated when I read about the two Black holes that colided in the universe. I got super excited and spent sometime reading about black holes. They have the tendency to suck everything that comes near them including light, a monster black holes can eat a large sun. It is so amazing when I really look at the way God has designed the Universe.

More amazing is the fact that the same God who designed the Universe, designed us as well. More amazing is that He came down to this earth save us and to give us the good news of salvation and the assurance that God loves us and He is not going to leave us as orphans.

Of all the planets and Heavenly beings, God chose the planet earth and He made the Sun and Moon for it, and He brought in life in it. He loves us so much that He always wants to protect us from any harm or trouble.

Sometimes in my life I feel as though I have by mistake swallowed a black hole, which is somewhere inside me, which can literally consume anything and everything, and gives out garbage. Sometimes it is so exhausting to feed it, it can literally read anything and everything, can sit there and keep dreaming eternally, there is not limit to how big or small it can be. Sometimes I get so tired feeding it. Sometimes we struggle hard to protect our loved ones from being hurt by it. I really thank God that He is in control of all the Black Holes in our lives, internal and external. It is only Him who know what He is doing. I only can confess that He can only save me. With my Human capacity I cannot have any control or command over the Black Holes, it is only God who really understands what He is doing and How to save us.

Beth M @blest ·

Amen, and thank God He does know what He is doing!

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

What a :cool: blog. How well articulated that last idea was! :clap:
Our God is an awesome God ... yes I'm so glad he is in charge and not me, nor any other person.
God bless,

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