God never gave up..

When a situation goes beyond our control, we always take it personally and think may be God has given up on us. But in reality it is not God who has given up on us, it is the evil one who is trying to derail us from God's plan. His plot to derail is comes in the form of temptations or doubts or fear which allows sinnfullness or sickness to enter our lives which in turn tries to derail us from the plan which God has for us.

When God created man and woman, He had a plan for them. But the Serpant tempted them and moved them away from the plan of God. He challenged God's plan by putting Adam and Eve into trouble. Likewise God had a plan for Israelites, but Satan derailed God's plan by putting in doubt and murmuring into the hearts of the Israelites. God had a plan for David and his descendants, but Satan used his decendants to derail the plan and lead to exile. Likewise, God has plan for each and everyone of us, a plan to prosper, a plan to keep us safe, a plan to make us joyful. But satan brings in various situations into our lives which tries to derail us from His plans.

God has not given up on any of His plans. Jesus Christ is the living proof of the fact that He is still in control of the situation. Jesus Christ's death on the cross and resurrection is to confirm the plan of salvation to the world. It is declare the victory of God over the plan of the evil one.

When we read Genesis, and the list sins committed by men, it seems so terrible and makes us wonder, why did God create a sinful men and allow all these things to happen in the world. When we read Exodus it feels why did God allow the Israelites to make Idols and not trust in God. When we read the Kings it feels why did God allow decendants of David, starting from Solomon to worship other Gods. For some reason when we look at the world and the way things are going, it seems as though this whole is a big mistake of God's creation.

But when I turn my face from all the sinful world and only focus on a few people who were righteous and faithful to God, I can see that God's plan is still alive and working. Though Cain and Abel's story was a disaster, birth of Seth, gives us the hope in the success of God's plan. Though the flood destroyed the sinful people, the rescue of Noah, gives us the hope. Though Israelites murmured, the belief of Moses, Joshua and Caleb were the sources of hope for God's plan. Though Satan brought in various plans to falsify the promise of God to King David, Birth of Jesus Christ is the hope of God's promise to King David. Though the whole world seems to be lead by destruction, and our lives seem to be a mess, Jesus Christ gave His Holy Spirit to us as the source of Hope of His victory and salvation.

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