God reveals I am with you.

John 14:18 : I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

How true that God never leaves us alone, lost or comfortless. He is the loving caring father and He knows our needs and our Hearts pains and tears, He knows how to to Hold us safe in His arms when we are shaking or trembling. "Fear not I am with thee.", "I will hold you safe in the palms of my Hands", "I will not let your foot strike the stone.", "I have the plans to prosper you." "I have loved you with an everlasting love", "I am the Lord your God".

How did He convince me of all these above statement?

  • I was sitting in the church last sunday, my priest came to me as asked me "Do you want your feet washed in the Sacrament of washing feet", during the Maundy Thursday.
  • During the Healing mass on Sunday, I could feel the love and the nearness of God that tears were rolling out of my eyes.
  • I donated my used crutches, walker and other equipments that I used during my recovery.
  • Last week, I read many blogs which were pending in my backlog.
  • I read a few chapters in the book "The interior castle by St.Terasa of Avila", which I had read half way 4yrs back.
  • My manager confirmed on my next assignment on Thursday.
  • Watched the movies "Passion of Christ" and "The case for Christ."
  • Spent a peaceful Holy week, with no running around.

Really feels Good, when we know the He is for us and nothing can shake us.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

You have certainly encountered a wonderful presence of the Lord this week.


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