God teaches us to look at life with a different persepective

This journey of Healing is a slow process, now after more than three months of my injury, I am slowly able to walk with my boot without my crutches. Though it is slow, the healing has been steady. God is leading me through this.

As I try to walk around at work or with one crutch outside, there is a change in the perspective. Though I try to be as much self sufficent as possible, still there are gaps, it cannot be complete. God teaches me to be humble enough to accept the weakness.

The situation helps me look at how do people with disabilities survive and move around in this world. With every mode of commute or the path way someone needs additional time to look through the traffic and walk. When I look at someone who is having disability, it really teaches me to be more compassionate and patient with them, rather than hurry up. This community is built to support the diabled, but not for the disabled. The most interesting part is I see so many people with temporary disabilities in a fast paced life style like New York.

This world makes arrangements for the people with disabilities to move around, like buses, flights, and other modes of communte are available. It is not that life stops and we need to stop living, but need to learn to be humble to accept the weakness and learn.

Though people have disabilities we still want to be around the people we love and we want to be part of the Joy and share with them. It is not that people with disability and the normal able people are living in two different disconnected worlds. We all live in the same world and we need to support each other.

Sickness and weakness is not far from any human being. The people with disabilities give us the strength and confidence to overcome the weakness and be able to live. There are more inspirational writes who have overcome disabilities than others. Taking a closer look the books written by normal abled people are mostly romantic, fictional or mystery etc., but the people who have been through disabilities write more able life, its pains, presence of God, overcoming the disabilities, which really makes more sense and helps us in the longer run.

God is much closer to the sick and disabled, because they need Him and they call on to Him more than others. Today after about 3 months I went to Church, which means I am able to Go to Him instead of calling Him to be near me. It makes a lot of difference, to be someone who being called to serve the Lord, or someone for whom God has called you to serve. Being a disabled personas both its pains and blessings. The biggest blessing is God loves them so much. He cares for them, He calls each and every one of His follower to serve the person with disability.

If God has blessed me with being healthy, it means Godwants me to spend my blessing inbringing the Joy into the life of someone who lacks it. God built my body, He looks forward to me being the strength and body of someone else as well. This world will be so awesome, when we see every teenager and every individual greet someone poor or disabled or needy with the joy and help them get past their weakness.

I always wanted to be someone who is so good in Faith and prayer to be able to Heal people. God will lead me through it and enable me to bring in Healing in Him name in the lives of people.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Well said :thumbs_up:

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

This physical healing sure is taking its time, but you have written some wonderful blogs on the back of it,

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