God's Children never sink they always come up

Like how Jesus Christ went down to the dead and after three days he rose again, the children of Christ never sink in theworries and the trials caused by the world.Since Jesus Christ is holding them, though they may be immersed in the problems and challenges, they will not give up. God keeps providing the Hope and the Vision, with which they can walk and reach their goal.

Jesus Christ never lets them sink, He is always holding them. Though this earthly life is so full of trials for them, they find it so hard to mould to the worldly ways, but still God shows them the way to be who they are called to be. The world tries hard to mould them differently, but they hold on to the Lord so that they remain in Him.

God provides the prayers of their Heart, and helps them to be blessing to their parents and others during the time of hardship. God always shows them the light and they remain the light for their family. Sometimes the family themselves might give them hard time, but still God holds them. They go through troubles, not because of their mistakes, but because of the people around them. But still they dont hurt others, they are submissive and go through the hardships, till the Lord delivers them out of it.

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