God's plan for Cooper

Cooper is our dog. He moved in with us into our new home. When my partner told me that his dog will be moving in with us, I was a bit nervous, because I have never owned a dog or grew up with a dog at home. Being from India, where there is a constant fear for Rabid dogs, I was so not sure about how it will be when Cooper moves in with us. He is an English Bull dog, almost 80 pounds and 6 years old. Last Saturday when I went home, Cooper had already moved and was exploring our new Home. He was not interested in eating his food as the place is new to him. But as I spent more time with him in our home, I realized how sweet and adorable he is. I started loving and caring for him. He loves being around people. He does not bark or make so much noise. He looks at us and waits for us to confirm if we are going to get down the stairs before he gets down. He sleeps most of the time and he loves to be in the same room as we are. He is an adorable big puppy.

It feels so amazing to see how God plans for food, shelter and family for the small animals, bird and fishes. When I look at how God planned for a good home and loving people for Cooper feels so amazing, though he still faced his part of trials but in spite of those God planned for his well being. Almost 6 years back my partner and his ex bought Cooper when he was a puppy, but when he grew up and they decided to Sterilize him. Then when he grew up into a large size puppy with drooling, snoring and panting all the night. But then my partner's loving and caring heart continues to care of him. I am learning to pet him and care for him. Looking at Cooper I feel our home is getting its meaning and purpose for God's never ending love and care for His creation, who are broken vessels, and His protection for the people who walk by their Faith in Him.

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Pets are a great gift from God

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