God's unique Christmas gift to me.

In July 2017, when I was in Brentwood,TN one of my friend, messaged us in our Whatsapp group for a prayer request,

"Please pray for my friends family who met with accident and her husband went to be with lord and the situation of one friends son Emme is very critical for another 24 hours .My friend is survived by 8 year old son . Please pray for Gods intervention and for Emme health . Actually they went for vacation and now one friends husband and her dad went to eb with Lord and another son Emme is in critical condition."

We all started praying for the family and slowly our prayers were for Emme. My friend kept us posted on the health status for Emme and we continued praying for him. Given my human intellectual mind, every time I used to read the updates and prepare to Pray for Emme, I used to submit to God these prayers are beyond my capacity. Lord it is your will, but I am Praying to you for Emme. God kept building the strength in my Prayers for Emme.

Lord we pray for the family. Lord we pray for the healing and restoration in Jesus name. Amen.

Lord we pray that u enlighten the doctors the way and the procedure to save Emme.. Lord we pray that u strengthen the family.. in Jesus name we ask and pray. Amen.

Lord we continue to hold Emme in our prayer. Lord restore him.. and rebuild him.. his body.. his muscles.. and every part of his body.. and strengthen him.. in the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

The prayers went on like this for the next few months. Members of the group joined in prayers for Emme and we regularly sought updates on the health status of Emme. He went through around 22 surgeries. We continued praying for Emme. Finally in September my friend messaged me the Emme is finally discharged.

After that we continued to pray for other prayer requests for friends, kids, children and family in that group. Listen to the testimonies and the healing messages and we Glorify God for the healing. I moved to Bellevue for a new project. And on Christmas day, one of my friends took me to a ISCF christmas celebration in Crossroads Bible Church, Bellevue. I was watching the program, which was mostly (except for the sermon) in a language which did not understand, though I know the core theme of it, which is Jesus. There was a Teenagers musical performance, I saw one boy who came with a walking stick and sat in a small bench and played guitar. I watched him play, it was unique.

I came home, and the next day, my friend messaged us in the same Whatsapp group, with the Picture of the boy playing the guitar with the message "Emme latest picture playing guitar for Christmas. Praise God."

It was such an amazing moment for me, and it is so difficult to comprehend the amazing love and the works of our Lord. He blessed me to see Emme play Guitar with my eyes. Such a unique "Christmas gift" from God.

Beth M @blest ·


We never know what our prayers are doing at the time we are praying them. Sometimes God allows us to see results in this lifetime. I believe we will all be shocked to find out in Eternity what our prayers have done.

That is wonderful

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

This is wonderful ... thank you and amen.

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