Good shepherd bring out the Best version of the sheeps.

When I look at the sheep's in His flock and compare it with the other sheep. His sheep are the Best. They are so Healthy. They get good water and green pastures to eat. They have a very safe and get to sleep and take rest in peace. They are all free from fear of predators. They are all joyful and they reproduce. They have lots of new little baby lambs coming up. They are big in numbers and free of any sickness. They get to walk in the safe ways. They get to be called the Best sheep around. They are the Best because of the Shepherd who keeps watch on them day and night, who neither sleeps nor slumbers. The Shepherd sends His angels to lift them in their arms that their feet does not hit and stone, though there are thousands falling on side and thousands are falling on another side, no harm touches them, No enemy can touch them or harm them, as the one who touches them is like touching the apple of the eyes of the Shepherd, they are like well-fed calves, in the Shelter of the Shepherd, they are not worried about what to eat, what to drink, they fear no harm, they have a safe home.

Most of the times we forget that we have such a Good Shepherd who is taking care of us, and we get into doubts by taking our eyes away from Him and instead looking at ourselves and our problems, we need to look at Him and not at anyone, Like the Sheep listening to the Shepherd.

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