Growth is an indicator of Health

Growth is an indicator of Healthy living. When we look at a tree we know that it is going to die when we realize that it is not bringing any new leaves or flowers or seeds or fruits.

The growth happens in our lives in every aspect, when we look at us human bodies we grow.. physically, mentally, spiritually. The growth is also a process of overcoming our weaknesses. Like when we grow up physically it means we are growning from children to teens to young to adult to old.. also when we grow we are accumulating so much energy and strength in our body to be able to do more that what we were able to do the previous year. we also grow in our immunity. we fight the viruses, bacteria, fungal and all other possible infections every year so we grow stronger. 

we grow stronger mentally, by learning new skills, analytical abilities, reasoning abilities, our communication skills, our artistic and cultural and communal skills. we overcome our lack of knowlegde by learning and by ranking and competiton we get to know if we are skilled enough or not.

the growth happens spritually as well.. we learn and grow spiritually to bear fruits of spirit like the righteousness, gentless, obedience, patience, goodness, and many others. as we spend more and more time in Jesus we grow in these Spiritual skills. we keep growing till we are ready to be citizens of Heaven.

Growth is all around us and within us as well. For perfect growth to take place health and wellness is an indicator. Satan brings in chalenges to the health and wellness in evey point of lifr. but by our Faith and the Grace of Jesus who made us complete by the Blood Shed on the cross made us complete by the Salvation through His Grace.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Well said

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

Good subject growth. To many sit in the pews and expect to learn and grow without exercising, physically or spiritually.

Was wondering is English a second language? No insult meant just noticed something in your writing that intrigued me. The style and structure.

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