He blesses His children in public, but corrects us in Private.

As we move from Easter and wait for the Pentecostal, my mind is meditating on the scriptures, which talk about the personal appreance of Jesus Christ to His disciples. What would have happened if Jesus Christ had not made those appearances to His disciples, why were these appreances so important in the History of the mankind?

- He had to testify to truth that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and He is the Son of God, had to be revealed to His disciples.

- The trust that was broken between Jesus Christ and His disciples had to be reinstatiated.

- The eyes of the disciples had to be opened to the truth and the scriptures.

- He had to say them "I am going back to the Father". Do not wait for me, instead wait for the Holy Spirit.

- He had to restore the Peace in His disciples mind.

- He had to confirm His love for them, by forgiving them for denying Him.

- He had to show the next steps to His disciples.

- He had to give the authority to His disciples.

Interesting part is all these happened in private and only disciples knew what was happening, and these were not revealed to the public, till it came out in the Gopsels. But after the Holy Spirit came upon the dicisples all their works were made public, and people started to look at the Miracles they were performing in the name of Jesus.

Even to us in our daily lives, Jesus Christ works with us personally to show us our mistakes, teach us, strengthen us and speak to us. But then when we are ready to do our duties He brings in so much praise and appreciation and blessings to our work. Only I know His presence with me, but people see only me. I wish that could as well see the Christ in me. That is why it is so important that we should testify and say that the good things that are happening in our lives is through Jesus Christ, in whom our trust remains and who is holding our hands forever.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Indeed, the world around us need to see Christ in us. Are they?