He came to us with the Covenant of Love

Jesus Christ came to this world with the message of Love, as a Messenger of Love. Jesus Christ on the Cross represents of God's Love for mankind. His name "Jesus" indicates God Love forgiving our sins and accepting us into the Kingdom. Jesus Christ through His every action, every word and every thought has reflected the Love of God for us sinners.

Jesus Christ preached us to love the people who Hate us. He assured God's Love by forgiving the people who crucified Him on the cross. He assured God's Love by forgiving the sins of the tax collectors, thief, the prostitute. He assured God's Love by forgiving sinners and healing the people. He assured God's Love by sending the Holy Spirit to the people who Believe in Him. He gave us God's love through His words, promises, joy, hope and helping to bear fruits of the Spirit.

Jesus Christ taught us to overcome the Hatred of the world. Jesus Christ the rightful Son of God was hated by the world when He claimed His authority. He was crucified on the cross, but God through His love raised Him back from the dead.

When we look at His second coming, which is going to be so different as compared to how what it was during His First coming. His second coming will be filled with God's Wrath against the wicked and the people who worship the evil one. The time between His First coming and second coming, is the for us to realize our sins, repent and walk in the path of righteousness, so that we are prepared for His Kingdom. Though as people who Believe in Him, it is Joy to be part of His Kingdom, but still it is our duty to make sure our loved ones will be part of His Kingdom. We don't want them to face the wrath of the Lord during His Kingdom due to any ignorance or being guided into darkness. We want to make sure that they are also part of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Gospel message is incomplete without the sharing about His second coming. So that people understand God's plan and they walk into His shade.

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Excellent - just wondrful.



You always make a good point's Deepa !

We need to except His love while we can ,else all we have is His wrath .

Be blessed forever


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