He defined Life, but never controls it.

When we read Genesis, we understand that God defined each of His creations with His wisdom. He defined the course of the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the plants, the fishes, the man and the woman. As a creator He gave a clear definition, to each of His creations, how they will look, how they will grow, what is their purpose, what is their course, what is their role and what do they mean to Him. Everything that has life comes with His definition.

When I take a closer look, God is not controlling any of these, neither has He given anyone the control on the lives. I cannot control the course of the sun, I cannot control the growth of the tree, I cannot control the child from growing up and aging. They are not controlled but they all just go with the definition of the Lord on how they have to be.

When the Holy Spirit, the wisdom of God comes up on us, the Spirit reveals to the people the definition of life, (people who are otherwise in darkness). Holy Spirit helps them to understand and interpet the way things have been defined.

Jesus Christ through His most Holy Wisdom, revealed to us the most mysterious part of the definition of life, and also through His death on the cross, God's own Son, God gave Him the authority to share the Holy Spirit with all who believe in Him, so that the Holy Spirit will guide us who believe in Him to walk through the mysterious definition of life "those who Believe in Him shall not perish, but shall have eternal life".


Yes no doubt that even our hair's are numbered !

All things are of Him and for Him ,

Be blessed forever


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