He is who He is..

"I am who I am" I really love these and I keep talking to these words often to understand it. Interestingly, even if I forget thesewordsfor a while, He reminds me "He is who He is" in various instances.

I love nice cozy corners in winter. I feel the more presence and nearness of God in the dark winter nights. I saw my first snow fall in Chicago. It was so amazing. I was sitting alone in my quiet, dark room and watching the snow fall through my window. The white snow flakes, as they were falling, it felt so delicate, soft, calm, nice and good. It felt as though God's presence was coming down with those snow flakes. Quiet dark night with the everything outside covered with the fresh shining snow, reflecting the light falling on top of it.

This year slowly in the middle of all my healing and recovery process, winter returned. I was thinking how amazing it is to keep myself warm and wrapped up, in a dark, windy cold winter of New York. As always I feel more closer to God in winter, than in Summer. I was thinking about His presence. I was looking at His presence, and I thought "He is what He is", which meant, He is Love, Peace and Joy. How do I know His presence? When I feel Love, Peace and Joy, I know He is near me. When do I realize I am searching for Him? When I am searching for Love, Peace and Joy, I realize that I am searching for Him. How do I know He is working on it? When my heart is filled with Love, Peace and Joy.

By looking at the Love, Joy and Peace, I describing "He is what He is", to which He responded back "I am who I am".

Quickly scanning thorough the Bible in my mind, I realized He is everything Bible says about Him. Jesus Christ during His life on earth continued to be Who He is, what the Bible talks about Him. He is the salvation in the Bible. He is the life in Bible. He is the Hope in the Bible. He is the Peace in the Bible. He is the Healing in the Bible. He is the Blessing in the Bible. He is the truth in the Bible. He is the Faith in the Bible. To summarize, His nature defines His Character which forms His personality which defines His Words which transforms to His actions which is revealed in His Self. They are so inseperable. He created Man also to be in His Image, to be inseperable from Him. But the Serpent deceived man and changed His nature.

Today Man's nature is different from his personality which is different from his words which is different from his actions which is different from his self. His Heart says something, mind says something, mouth says something, actions says something. It is total chaos. But when we commit ourselves to the Spirit of God, the Spirit directs over our Heart, mind, words and actions. That way God's presence in our lives is revelaed by the the Love, Joy and Peace, in place of chaos. His inseparable nature makes us inseparable.

He is who He is. Most complex and Difficult to explainor understand using this Human mind, but still so loving and caring, that He tries to explain Himself saying "I am who I am".