He prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more

It is the "Word" from God that created the light, sky, sun, moon, stars, fishes, Animals, birds and man. He created all of these from nothing. It has been millions of years, that He has sustained these lives on this earth. Now comparing that to my life, which spans only about 70 to 80yrs, it is a tiny spot. But God does not treat me as a tiny dot, instead He treats me like I am as important to Him as I am to me. He is so dedicated and listens to every tiny little thought, word, act and movement. He treats me as the apple of His eye. He knows I am trying hard to grow and become like Him, He also knows that it is so difficult for me, because the Satan has decived me with all the lies and my heart has become the repository of deception. Everytime I decide to listen to my heart and go my own way, the first thing He does is prune, till I learn to listen to the Spirit.

When as a child I saw a gardener pruning a bushy plant, leaving piles of stems and branches lying around, I wondered why is he cutting these plants. Later, I understood that the intent to to enable the plant grow more strongers and denser, he cuts out the dried flower tips and the stems that are not strong enough. It really helps the bush to grow more stronger and healthier and bear more fruits.

Pruning is not something we can do by ourselves. God does this pruning through various situations in our lives. Through situations He gives us the oppurtunity to Repent, Grow and Bear fruit. Everyday is a new day in Christ, with new situation, but every past day becomes nothing but a memory. Every past situation, day, year and age transforms to memory. Good memories we want to cherish, but bad memories we want to forget.

The whole situation I had with my broken feet a few months back, is all a memory now, it no longer brings in the pain, or the anxiety or the fear in my heart, also it is not as concerning or important as it used to be. It was a pruning that God brought into my life through the situation. He wanted me to be more stronger physically. He wanted me to learn many more things in life, which I would have not learnt otherwise. It is not just physical strength, God enabled me to grow spiritually as well, "Abram believed in God and it was creditied to Him as Faithfulness" (Genesis 15:6). God enabledme to grow in Faith by believing in God and in His healing. God gave me the strength to grow up beyond the situation, and now when I look at that I feel the joy when I look at the situation. But I don't want to face the same situation again, every day I start with the desire and prayer to avoid another day with a broke bone.

We have Joyful memories as well, like having good friends, the joy of sharing and giving, the joy of learning new skills, joy of being appreciated, the joy of doing a sincere and dedicated work. These joys enable us to bare more and more fruits of these kind. We learn them once and God gives us the ability to bear the fruit anytime as required.

There are situations where the joyful memories, turn into painful ones, due to irrepairable loss. I really try hard to get back the joyful memories that have been stolen by the painful memories. It is like the memories of the joy of Heaven being over shadowed, by the memories of pain in the earth. God expects us to believe in Him and in our Home in Heaven. Some situations gets pruned again and again and again, till we get perfect. It is not that it is growing wrong, it is just that it has to grow more stronger. Situations get tougher and tougher so that we get more and more closer to God and His word is able to sink better into our mind and is able to bear better and wonderful fruits in life.