He who Gave the vision is also the way

Our relationship with hope, stays as long as we breathe. Hope came into our being when God breathed into our nostrils and we becase alive, and till the point we give up breathing, we hold on to Hope. This hope relates us to God and shows us the meaning of our existance. Sometimes hopelessness comes into our life like the dark cloud, but miraculously, there is this voice of hope which comes in, and restores us back into the path.

Coming back to the right path, we turn to God and we ask for the way to walk. Like how the disciples asked Jesus, show us the way to Heaven. We also ask to God for the way to walk. The reply from Jesus is the same to all of us, and it is He is the way.

It is hard and difficult to understand what He meant by "I am the Way." My first reaction to that was He is a person, and how can He be the way? But later I realized that to Believe in Him is the way. I have to believe in Him, believe that He is the Messiah, He is the Son of God, He came to deliver me, He come to heal me, He came to love me, He came to care for me, He came to be with me forever, He came to forgive me sins and many more.

Believing in Him is the way, and when we believe in Him the doors open. I dont know the answers for Why they open and How they open. I just know that it opens. When we take our step Believing in Him, it really does not matter which direction I am walking, the doors keep opening. It is not because I am walking in the right direction, but because I am walking the Faith, believing in Jesus.

Believing on Him and His persence reveals that He is such a loving father, that He patiently watches over us during our weakness which leads to our sinfulness. He eagerly waits for us to repent and turn back to Him. He helps us understand our inmost being and helps us to identify the darkness inside us and enables us to confess the same and bring them to light. So that in the day of His coming there is nothing dark inside us, and we are made Holy and righteous by the Blood of the Jesus.

The faith and the Belief we have in Him is the only way we need to look at so we know how to reach our destiny. Our vision should always be aligned to the Hope that we have in Him.