His plan to rescue me and save me

If I am thinking that I am sitting here in this part of the world by coincidence or by accident, then I am wrong. I am sitting here because this is part of God's plan to rescue me, it is part of His plan to save me and to bring in His salvation into my life. I walked so far to understand the existence of God. God has the rescue plan for everyone, His salvation is for all.

Last week, my home town Chennai in India, had massive floods, and due to rains the normal life was disrupted to a very large extent. Water entered into people's houses till two storeys, and people had to get on to the terrace and wait to get their food dropped from Helicopters. There is a collegues of my sister who specified that her children are crying of hunger. In spite of being in a well paid job, working hard, having a safe dwelling with all the amenities, such instances of natural calamities, there is nothing any human being can do, we are at God's mercy. All we can do is to wait for God to deliver us and walk by God's plan to rescue us.

Most of my family members are in Chennai, and for few days I was not able to reach out to any of them as the phone lines were not working. Things are getting better now, but not fully functional. There are many places which still covered in water and people are still struck in their homes, with help and food reaching to their homes.

When I speak to the individuals who faced the flood and has been through it, I hear God's plan to rescue and save them. Our God is a wonderful planner, He had wonderful plans to rescue Noah from the floods. Also, He had wonderful plan for rescuing the Israelites from the Egypt and the way He fed them with the Manna in the desert. He has plans to rescue each once of us. Today as I sit here alive and breathing and able to type this blog, I realize that I am not here by accident, it is God's plan which has kept me alive. Most of the times I look back to God and ask Him what is the purpose for which you have kept me alive.

When I listen to the struggles people faced during the flood, of woman who is pregnent with a baby in the second floor, and she is struck and cannot get out of the home. Also, the women with small children, unable to feed their children, there was no milk. Now when the situation is improving the prices of the groceries are so high, ATMs and credit cards are not working, only people with cash can buy something. All these remind me of the last days which Jesus Christ had specified.

I can see the last signs coming in smaller locations and communities, where people from other parts are able to reach out and help other. But in case such a calamities come globally where people are not able to help each other, and every one is cut off, it will be a massive. Now with Technology though our day to day life is getting easier, but when it comes to such calamities and when people dont have phones are ATMs or Wifi or 3G network, we dont know how to live. It is required that we always keep listening to God and keep our disaster recovery plan ready. Especially for the developing countries like India where people are not prepared and ready. With all the Technology we are moving faster with work and sophistications, but our nearness to God and to our own welfare is getting distant. We need to hold on to God.

Satan's attacks us when we are least prepared, but he sets up his stage very slowly, he takes people into confidence and then slowly makes them weak and attacks them in an unexpected time in an unexpected way. But God reveals us His plan to save us well ahead of time, He prepares us slowly and makes us strong and when we face the times of troubele we come up in a victorious way. Jesus Christ in every Gospel message has always prepared us to overcome the challenges incuding death. There is nothing to worry about, He has planned for our salvation, we need to walk by the plan.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

That was a strong statement of faith - excellent blog well written. :thumbs_up:


Thomas Mcgraw @thomasmcgraw ·

THANK YOU Deepa for sharing.
This must have been hard to write as I felt the pain myself and I know that it pales in comparison.
I pray for God's blanket of peace and love to cover you and your family always.

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