His punishments are real and it hurts

Grace, Mercy and Blessings of Our God, Our Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ are never ending as long as we are aligned to His Plans. But if we choose to walk away from His plans, the consequences are terrible. Everytime we choose to move away from God's will, we move away from eternal life and move closer to sin, death and destruction.

Word of God records the sinful actions of Human beings against God and the consequences of the actions, which opened the doors for suffering and death into Human life, these are irreversable with human strength. When we read this account, it really helps us to understand, repent and realize how life changes with obedience and disobedience. 

The Book of Genesis, speaks of the Creating and the Wrath of God that came after that due to the Sins of Man,

  • Punishment to Adam and Eve
  • Punishment to Cain
  • Punishment to Sodom and Gomorrah
  • Noah's flood

The Book of Revelation speaks of the day of God's coming and the Wrath of God to punish the wicked, and God's plan to rescue His people,

  • The message to the Seven churces
  • The opening of Seven Seals
  • The Seven Trumpets
  • The Seven Bowls of His Wrath
  • The Judgement of the Human race to be in the Book of life or the Fires of Hell.

His punishments are real and true, and it hurts us. The only way to stop it from hurting is to surrender and go back to God,it is not easy. But still we have to do it. Word of God calls it out again and again through multiple people, during multiple time frames the consequences of Sin and the Wrath of God and the day of the Lord. They are real.

We have to understand that being aligned with God is eternal life. Being away from Him is punishment and death. It is not something to be taken so easily. Jesus Christ through His mercy has given us the oppurtunity to be back in the plan of God, by accepting our salvation, granted through His death and resurrection.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Very good

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I agree. It is very good.

As I read it I thought about someone in my family who over the past few years has not listened to and obeyed God and in doing so they have not only hurt themselves, they have hurt their family as their life has unraveled and become a constant struggle.

You wrote:

The only way to stop it from hurting is to surrender and go back to God,it is not easy. But still we have to do it.

That is true but in the long run it is far easier to do it than not do it!

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